Welcome to Round Willow Yoga,

The willow tree has a long history of symbolism rooted in spirituality and numerous cultural traditions.

It’s flexible, being capable of bending without breaking. The willow tells us to adjust alongside life rather than fight it and it reminds us to let go of the noise and chaos, surrender to the process, and gain a deeper understanding of our subconscious, while having the ability to not only survive but also thrive under some of the most challenging conditions.

The willow tree finds its strength, stability and structure from its trunk, the foundation that stands firm against the storms. The branches by extension are flexible and strong, surrendering to the wind without being destroyed. The leaves represent the balance, harmony, hope and a sense of belonging. It espouses safety and the ability to let go of pain and suffering we have experienced to grow renewed, stronger, and bolder.

The Round Willow Way enables you to heal and grow into the strong, empowered human being you were always meant to be!

Our core values are

Yoga – It’s our journey

Community – Where everyone is welcome

Love – It’s Our Language

Self Expresion – To give our best to become our best